(german) VC1540 disk manual

From: Andre Fachat (a.fachat_at_physik.tu-chemnitz.de)
Date: 1999-06-03 18:53:54

I have a German VC1541 "Bedienungshandbuch" that in fact is 
a VC1540 manual, with a new cover and an extra page at the
beginning to explain the UI+/UI- commands :-)

After having scanned approx 200 pages (expect the German CBM 600/700 
Bedieungshandbuch soon) today I thought I could just get on with this one.

Shall I?  (Ok, what a question :-)
Just FYI, that were the docs that came with my white-case 1541 - 
the white that was _before_ the C128, because it came from the 
VIC20 :-)

Also I have the (english) VIC-1541 single drive floppy disk user´s manual,
P/N 1540031-02, which says 2nd edition, December 1982.
But I don´t really want to scan that one. But if you have some 
questions I can look things up.
(Only found the "User´s Guide" at Project64, no "User´s Manual"
and nothing at iDoc, well...)


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