Re: Historical review

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 1999-06-03 17:29:49

>I got a look at a Panasonic MSX for a few minutes at a thrift shop a year ago
>(The owner had not yet decided how much to price it when I saw it...)  So
>there were a few in the U.S.  I think the Spectravideo was one (MSX) as well..
> I also recall in those computes the ads for the Yamaha unit...

Yeah, I saw the Yamaha ad also. Sounded cool, though; so did the Casio. The
Sony HitBits made no market dent, though.

MSX was a nice idea, and (for Microsoft) a good standard. Too bad no one found
anything practical to do with them. Also too bad our lovely C64 was there
first. >:-)

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