[comp.sys.cbm] SID-cartridge for VIC20 -alpha version

From: Marko Mäkelä (Marko.Makela_at_HUT.FI)
Date: 1999-06-04 10:45:54

Here's an interesting announcement.  What about a stereo SID cartridge
for the VIC-20 with Dolby surround? :-)

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From: Thomas Hechelhammer <Thomas.Hechelhammer@t-online.de>
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Subject: SID-cartridge for VIC20 -alpha version
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999 21:22:50 +0200
Organization: T-Online
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Today I've finished a SID-cartridge for the VIC20.
At present it's an alpha-version with external 12V DC supply.

The project was for my own, but now I'm thinking some other would be
interested in this project so maybe I'll add an internal charge-pump for
the 12V DC and do a layout.

I've only tried the tunes from the C64-manual ,but it seems it's
possible to convert existing $1000/1003-tunes for the VIC20 (too bad you
have no screen-memory left, the RAM from $0000-$03FF is useable but
makes less sens).

The base adress has changed to $9800 or $9C00, there is a jumper.

The cart is just an expansion-port-extension and in the rear you can
plug your usual memory-cart. There is a connector for the monitor and a
cable whith plug for the VIC audio/video port.

Comments are very welcome.

-- Thomas
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