Re: You shouldn't have that...

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 1999-04-30 13:35:30

--- peter karlsson <> wrote:
> > I am unaware of the iDOC= and Project 64...
> You can check them out at and
>, respectively.

> > I was unclear.  I meant as text-based PDFs, not bitmapped files... two or
> > three orders of magnitude smaller.  My 7-page document is about 25K as a
> > PDF conversion of a PS file emitted from word.
> PDF conversion of a PostScript file? Yikes. That normally doesn't yield very
> good results. Try creating a PDF file directly from Word (if you can't do
> that, then I can, I have access to an installation which supports that).

There's a way to emit PDF right from Word?  e-mail me off-line and let me
know how you are doing it.  It would save me some effort with Acrobat.

The quality of what I'm doing seems to be fine, and the result doesn't seem
to be too large.  Because I have to use two machines, it is combersome.



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