You shouldn't have that...

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-04-28 00:24:08

I have been given a photocopy of 'Commodore VIC-20 Service notes' by Dr
Tony Duell, a member of the CU Computer Preservation Society. It is a
mixture of dot-matrix typed pages, handwritten pages and typewriter
quality print. The most interesting things of note as oscilloscope traces
of what the waveforms should look like at various points in the machine.
It might be useful for getting PAL -> NTSC conversions to actually *work*.

Has anyone else seen anything like this, and is it likely to be a genuine
Commodore article? There is no mention of Commodore other than on the
coversheet, and when Tony was given it he was told, 'you shouldn't have
this'. I wondered if anyone had seen anything like it.

Also, what is the known status of the PET prototype 'TOI'? Tony claims to
know someone who *has* one, so I was wondering what the generally-accepted
view is.

I'm gonna have to scan in those 6562/3 datasheets some time ;)


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