Re: You shouldn't have that...

From: peter karlsson (
Date: 1999-04-29 15:14:21

> I am unaware of the iDOC= and Project 64.  I was planning on sticking them
> up on my own retrcomputing web page and putting a copy on funet.  The farther
> I can distribute this stuff, the better. 

You can check them out at and, respectively.

> Where do you want it sent?

To me :)

> I was unclear.  I meant as text-based PDFs, not bitmapped files... two or
> three orders of magnitude smaller.  My 7-page document is about 25K as a
> PDF conversion of a PS file emitted from word.

PDF conversion of a PostScript file? Yikes. That normally doesn't yield very
good results. Try creating a PDF file directly from Word (if you can't do
that, then I can, I have access to an installation which supports that).

Peter -

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