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From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 1999-04-28 14:24:29

--- Richard Atkinson <> wrote:
> I have been given a photocopy of 'Commodore VIC-20 Service notes' by Dr
> Tony Duell...

I have a sheaf of 2022-printed and daisy-wheel-printed documents entitled
"Commodore Service Notes" from 1982.  I got them from a defunct Commodore
dealer some time back.  I expect from your description that the VIC-20 Service
Notes are authentic as they resemble the kind of information in the documents
that I have.

I am in the process of scanning and OCRing what I have.  The first part (which
is almost done) is a six-page appendix listing ROM locations and revision
numbers for 4K PETs through VIC-20's including some printers and disks.

On the subject of preservation... for this stuff, I have scanned it, OCRed
it (it's all typed tables) and then taken the text and imported into Word
(stop booing ;-), reformatted it as tables (not space-delimited, fixed-font
tables) and run it through Acrobat.  I now have a second rough-draft of a
new document which visually resembles the original (with one or two
handwritten notes entered in as additional tables) and is tiny.  I can, of
course, save it as a plain old text file, but even the original had some bold
and some underlined headers.

What's the collected thought here?  I wouldn't want to attempt to re-capture
entire schematics into a new format, and there is, of course, the possiblity
of a transcription error (which is why I haven't release the ROM document

If it _is_ possible to turn old typewritten pages into PDF files, the question
is _should_ we do so.


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