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From: peter karlsson (
Date: 1999-04-29 01:23:24

> On the subject of preservation... for this stuff, I have scanned it, OCRed
> it (it's all typed tables) and then taken the text and imported into Word
> (stop booing ;-), reformatted it as tables (not space-delimited, fixed-font
> tables) and run it through Acrobat.  

I hope that you have considered donating it to iDOC= or Project 64 when
you're ready? Would be real interesting to have!

> I can, of course, save it as a plain old text file, but even the original
> had some bold and some underlined headers.

For iDOC=, I can take both formats. Especially when there are schematics
that are hard to make into ASCII format.

> If it _is_ possible to turn old typewritten pages into PDF files, the
> question is _should_ we do so.

One could simply scan the pages and make the scanned pictures the pages of
the PDF file. It's entirely possible.

Peter -

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