Dating a C-64 board

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 1999-04-18 02:49:51

I'm in the process of clean-up and consolidation, as I mentioned earlier.  I
re-found an old C-64 board of mine and I'm trying to place it in its historical
context.  I know it's old because it has a 5-pin DIN for a video connector.

Inside, the board says Rev B in copper.  Were any Rev A boards released?

The PLA has a typed sticker that says...


U5 is p/n 901225-01, U4 is p/n 901227-01, and U3 is p/n 901226-01, all soldered
in place.

U19, the VIC chip, has a date code of 2482 and no revision on the 6567 p/n.

The only remaining anomaly is a wire-wrap wire trailing from pin 28 of the
6510 socket.  I suspect I put that there for my Batteries Plus IEEE-488 cart.

I suspect that this is from my oldest C-64.  I used to program it for a living
between 1982-1984.  The very first one we got at work was a freebie from C= in
exchange for writing software for it.  It was serial number 2007.  It also 
didn't work reliably.  I'm told that the first run of 6567 chips had a flaw
that caused a light-pen IRQ when the chip got warm.  It was June of 1982.  It
was warm out.  I would get a blue screen after 45 minutes to an hour of
operation.  We traded our original one to the local dealer for a replacement.
If I am correct, this is that replacement.  

The software from that summer never hit the market.  The PC version was
and sold as "WordVision" and required 96K of RAM and DOS 1.0 on the PC.  I did
complete a demo for Comdex '82 that I still have.  I should upload the files
to funet as an example of the state of things circa September 1982.  It's a
nice piece of vaporware.  The only thing that was completed for the C-64 was
that demo.  :-(

Thanks in advance for any information on ancient C-64's that anyone can
dredge up.


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