Re: Dating a C-64 board

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 1999-04-18 09:08:46

--- William Levak <> wrote:
> On Sat, 17 Apr 1999, Ethan Dicks wrote:
> > I re-found an old C-64... I know it's old because it has a 5-pin DIN
> > for a video connector.
> Only the original board had the 5 pin connector.  This version was not
> compatible with PAL and was not sold in Europe.

Right... no PAL jumper in the video cage.  Another sign of age: one ceramic
ROM and ceramic DRAM.
> > Inside, the board says Rev B in copper.  Were any Rev A boards released?
> That must refer to the artwork and not the board itself as all rev. B
> boards had 8 pin connectors.

Other boards I have say "Rev B" in the white silk-screen.  This has a small
legend in the middle of the board, on the opposite edge from the video

    ASSY 326298
    REVB (C) 1982

> > U5 is p/n 901225-01, U4 is p/n 901227-01, and U3 is p/n 901226-01, all
> > soldered in place.
> That's the first version of the ROM's

Right.  The ROMs page on funet mentions that the RS-232 constants assume
a 1.0Mhz CPU (my guess is that they forgot to update the numbers from
the V(I)C-20.  I used to use this with a VIC-modem, so at least at 300
baud, it's close enough.


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