User port connector & monitors

From: Mark (
Date: 1999-04-08 23:15:16


User port connector
I've just ordered parts to make up a prlink cable, except the user port
connector. Does anyone have a spare to sell me?

Commodore & Magnavox (Philips) monitors
I have an old Commodore 1084 monitor (PAL, UK model). This has a SCART socket
for analogue RGB & composite input, which is handy for use with game consoles,
VCR etc.

I also have an old Commodore 1084S (PAL again). This has a 6-pin DIN socket for
analogue RGB. However I can see the outline of a SCART connector on the rear
panel, and looking at the PCB there is space for a SCART connector to be

Finally, I found an American monitor, a Magnavox RGB Display 40. This is
probably very similar to the Philips CM8833. The dot pitch is pretty poor and
it can only handle TTL & analogue RGB and composite (no LCA). Still, it's the
only NTSC monitor I have. Until now I couldn't view my US C64, VIC-20 & NES is
colour. This too has space for a SCART socket on the PCB (there is no sign of
this on the rear panel). Unlike the 1084S there is metal shielding soldered
below the PCB. Removing this to fit a SCART socket will be a pain.

Anyway, what I would like to know is:
 - Has anyone else noticed that some monitors have space for a SCART socket?
 - Has anyone actually tried fitting a SCART socket? If so, is it just a case
   of soldering in the socket, or do other components need to be added? Does
   the SCART fast blanking feature work on monitors which have had a SCART
   socket added?

-- Mark

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