Re: User port connector & monitors

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-04-09 12:25:35

Mark wrote:
> Finally, I found an American monitor, a Magnavox RGB Display 40. This is
> probably very similar to the Philips CM8833. The dot pitch is pretty poor and
> it can only handle TTL & analogue RGB and composite (no LCA). Still, it's the
> only NTSC monitor I have. Until now I couldn't view my US C64, VIC-20 & NES is
> colour. This too has space for a SCART socket on the PCB (there is no sign of
> this on the rear panel). Unlike the 1084S there is metal shielding soldered
> below the PCB. Removing this to fit a SCART socket will be a pain.

Why don't you just connect your NTSC machines via the composite input?
You won't get a better picture by adding a SCART connector. What you'd
need is an s-video input. In my 1084-P the only difference between
composite and s-video is a grounded inductor. I guess it is used for
filtering the color part out of the composite signal. When using already
separated video, the filters are not needed anymore and can be bypassed
or disabled. This will result in better video bandwidth.

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