Calcresult format?

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1999-03-31 16:43:14

Can anyone help this guy?  I looked at the files, and they don't seem to
be straight PETSCII.


A CBM Hacker has managed to extract our 'Calc Result' data from an old CBM 100tpi floppy which is good news.

We still however need to convert this data so that it is legible to a PC spreadsheet program, i.e. Microsoft Exel.

Can anybody help?

Many thanks, TDDB. (see notes below)

R.B.: "The disk only contained sequential files. I first made a backup on another 
floppy, then copied the original one to my 4040. This floppy I copied to my PC 
using a 1541 and Star Commander. This D64-file is attached to this mail in 

from: Theodore Bird, TDDB

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