Re: Help wanted, US people

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-03-31 15:30:22

On Tue, 30 Mar 1999, Larry Anderson wrote:

> > San Francisco sounds perfect - I *think* my friend's house is there (it's
> > a US friend of a friend from school, also doing the same course as me)
> > 
> Can't you ask your friend to store stuff there?

I've been trying to contact him, but I think they're on holiday. Anyway,
I'd appreciate the excuse to visit a cbm-hackers colleague while I'm out
there :)

> If San Diego (which is near the California/Mexico Border) isn't a problem for
> you then go for it.  As far as 1200XL computer, I have one no more then four
> feet from me collecting dust along with a bunch of other stuff...  Whhereever
> you plan to pick it up I could send it there for... say $10 plus any postage
> (I know I paid less then $10, not not how much less...)  Need a drive?  I
> think I could part with a 1050..

Possibly San Diego is too far; whereabouts do you live, Larry? My seller
is pressing me for the Zip code of where I want the stuff sent, so he can
calculate shipping charges. I managed to convince him into unlisting the
items and selling them to me for the starting price; how's that for dodgy
dealing? :)

The items are three MIDI interfaces, their software, and a music keyboard
(with interface for C64); nothing is actually by Commodore themselves and
it should arrive as a cardboard box which could be hidden away until the

As to the 1200XL, well, thankyou *very* much, Larry - we'll sort out where
to send it once I know where that is, but if it's going to be yourself
then obviously there's no need to bother ;) If you see other 1200XLs at
the more sensible prices of thrift shops, flea-markets, etc, then please
get them for me too - they just don't exist over here and it would be good
to have a suitable collection.

I think I'm okay with 1050 disk drives, unless yours is going spare - I
have two working and one non-working. One of them lives on top of a 1541C,
on top of my old Cyrix machine which is dedicated to 5 1/4 inch disk
transfers, using X1541 and the Atari equivalent - the APE 'ProSystem'.

> Unfortunately I've only come across one 128DCR in my excursions ($7 without
> keyboard, a bargain!) and it isn't for sale at this time.  :P

Understandably not; I have a friend in Texas looking out for one for me,
and I'm doing the same for a plastic C128D for him. Anyone else is most
welcome to find me a cheap 128DCR too ;)

> Post a shopping list and I'll tell you if I have it sitting around or if EBay
> is the best route (rarely!)  thrift shops and flea-markets in California are
> great for computer collectors.  ;)

Well, the 1200XL and 128DCR are on the list, as are any computers in the
Timex/Sinclair range. That's all really; I'm looking forward to having a
chance to visit these shops and markets myself - will someone be my guide?

Hope the other list members don't mind reading this collecting-specific


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