Re: Calcresult format?

From: Danny O'Day (
Date: 1999-03-31 17:43:40

Can you get us the file, what is the data, and how is it to be used.
Please forward me a copy of the zip.



Marko Mäkelä wrote:

> Can anyone help this guy?  I looked at the files, and they don't seem to
> be straight PETSCII.
>         Marko
>    ----------------------------------------------------------------
> A CBM Hacker has managed to extract our 'Calc Result' data from an old
> CBM 100tpi floppy which is good news. We still however need to convert
> this data so that it is legible to a PC spreadsheet program, i.e.
> Microsoft Exel. Can anybody help? Many thanks, TDDB. (see notes
> below) R.B.: "The disk only contained sequential files. I first made a
> backup on another
> floppy, then copied the original one to my 4040. This floppy I copied
> to my PC
> using a 1541 and Star Commander. This D64-file is attached to this
> mail in
> ZIP-format."  from: Theodore Bird, TDDB
> Telephone: (+44) (0)171 837 4883
> TELEFAX: (+44) (0)870 164 0571
> Mobile Telelphone: (+44) (0)411 747 334 118 Barnsbury Road, Islington,
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