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From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-04-01 06:10:55

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Mar 1999, Larry Anderson wrote:
> > > San Francisco sounds perfect - I *think* my friend's house is there (it's
> > > a US friend of a friend from school, also doing the same course as me)
> > >
> > Can't you ask your friend to store stuff there?
> I've been trying to contact him, but I think they're on holiday. Anyway,
> I'd appreciate the excuse to visit a cbm-hackers colleague while I'm out
> there :)
> > If San Diego (which is near the California/Mexico Border) isn't a problem for
> > you then go for it.  As far as 1200XL computer, I have one no more then four
> > feet from me collecting dust along with a bunch of other stuff...  Whhereever
> > you plan to pick it up I could send it there for... say $10 plus any postage
> > (I know I paid less then $10, not not how much less...)  Need a drive?  I
> > think I could part with a 1050..
> Possibly San Diego is too far; whereabouts do you live, Larry? My seller
> is pressing me for the Zip code of where I want the stuff sent, so he can
> calculate shipping charges. I managed to convince him into unlisting the
> items and selling them to me for the starting price; how's that for dodgy
> dealing? :)

Well I live in San Andreas, which is about 2.5 to 3 hours drive almost due
east from San Francisco (a third of it on busy freeways, the rest isn't bad.) 
If course you'd be visiting a small apartment crammed with alot of 'stuff' but
interesting stuff mind you!

> The items are three MIDI interfaces, their software, and a music keyboard
> (with interface for C64); nothing is actually by Commodore themselves and
> it should arrive as a cardboard box which could be hidden away until the
> summer.

In the meantime if you want to ship them here till we possibly find you a
better spot; here is my addresses:

For packages shipped by UPS, airborne express, or other non U.S. Mail shippers:

Larry Anderson
c/o Human Resources Council, Inc.
584 West St. Charles
San Andreas, CA 95249

of if by the postal service:

Larry Anderson
P.O. Box 1286
San Andreas, CA 95249-1286

> As to the 1200XL, well, thankyou *very* much, Larry - we'll sort out where
> to send it once I know where that is, but if it's going to be yourself
> then obviously there's no need to bother ;) If you see other 1200XLs at
> the more sensible prices of thrift shops, flea-markets, etc, then please
> get them for me too - they just don't exist over here and it would be good
> to have a suitable collection.

They were abundant (Atari 8-bit Computers) a year or two back but no sign of
as many recently, maybe when the weather gets better people will be doing some
'spring cleaning' and get rid of more again.  ;)

> I think I'm okay with 1050 disk drives, unless yours is going spare - I
> have two working and one non-working. One of them lives on top of a 1541C,
> on top of my old Cyrix machine which is dedicated to 5 1/4 inch disk
> transfers, using X1541 and the Atari equivalent - the APE 'ProSystem'.

>From what I see (in my overly messy computer room) I have a couple 1050s, an
810 (?800 style drive) and two tape decks (1010/410), with the 410 known to
have problems, the 1200XL, 2-800s and an XE Game system (plan to keep one 800
and XEGS and two drives, the rest is 'extra').

> > Unfortunately I've only come across one 128DCR in my excursions ($7 without
> > keyboard, a bargain!) and it isn't for sale at this time.  :P
> Understandably not; I have a friend in Texas looking out for one for me,
> and I'm doing the same for a plastic C128D for him. Anyone else is most
> welcome to find me a cheap 128DCR too ;)

Just checked a popular Flea Market in Galt, they were very lousy for any
computers, but soon the college flea-market will be running again and I'll
have great opportunity for such things.

> > Post a shopping list and I'll tell you if I have it sitting around or if EBay
> > is the best route (rarely!)  thrift shops and flea-markets in California are
> > great for computer collectors.  ;)
> Well, the 1200XL and 128DCR are on the list, as are any computers in the
> Timex/Sinclair range. That's all really; I'm looking forward to having a
> chance to visit these shops and markets myself - will someone be my guide?
> ;)

I have a TS/100 that has a broken keyboard connector (flat conductor type,
probably irreparable) and a 16k Rampack somewhere (I think) If you are
interested in those...  (This is from my 'stuff that is so cheap I know I can
make the money back selling it cheap to someone else' buying impulse.)

Here is a great list for some Silicon Valley stores:

It lists all the nifty surplus sources, you probably won't find any 8-bit
stuff but if you are looking for trackballs, trackpads, laser diodes, 14.4k
mini modems, electronics components galore, etc.  Then these are the places to
look.  If you ever dreamed of a building project, bring a shopping list for parts.

There are also weekend flea markets and stuff worth seeing, which I hear about
from the bay-area collectors but have never visited.  I mainly do my
'shopping' in the central valley in the cities of Modesto and Stockton 
(100,000+ population in each)  which fortunately is not as picked-over by the
classic collectors as the bay area is...  ;)

> Hope the other list members don't mind reading this collecting-specific
> stuff!

I think it's on-topic, I hope if I one day to become rich enough to travel and
I hope I get the same help on hunting down say the elusive 8032SK/CBM200 in
Europe as I give for people looking for stuff in my region.

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