Re: *sigh* (was: AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!)

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-03-01 04:13:06

Larry Anderson wrote:
> Well once I got Desterm 3 up and running, I was able to fire it up, set it to
> y-modem batch, then take a shower, go out for a bit of fresh air (shopping)
> and *snap* all done!  (about 6 minutes per file...)
> Bad news is they are all padded with those blasted 26s again, I believe the
> culprit is now D64MAKER.SFX, nice program; runs on the 64 and 128 but adds 128
>  #26s to the end of d64 files!

Take that back, checked the files on the CMD, they are ok (no padding on the
end), so It's most likely on the Mac side ??? Gonna have to test with
something other then Zterm...  So much for an easy transfer.

> Am now looking for a good mac bianary data editor so I don't have to modem
> them across again.  (ResEdit won't do, it only maniulates resource forks, not
> data forks)  :/

HA, just try to find one; there are a few that let you, 'edit' the data, but
not adjust the file size....  This has been a frustrating experience...  But
the end is near.  (Actually I did find a couple candidates but the company
that made the compressor it was archived with (which it probably distributes
free) SELLS the extractor, so I have no way to unpack those progs...

Better finish this, I feel like I'll be back to work tomorrow.
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