WHEW! (was: *sigh* (was: AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!))

From: Larry Anderson (foxnhare_at_jps.net)
Date: 1999-03-01 07:37:48

OK!  The PET games archive is almost on-line, I haven't linked it to any pages
(just in case!) you get a preview - here is the archive page in progress:


All 12 PET games disk images are on-line plus 6 commodore 64 disk images (that
are as of yet unlisted; give me a couple days)

Download them for me and review the page/downloading/games, whatever.  I want
to get some of the bugs out of the process before I do future PET sets... 
This is the first time I've sub-directoried my page, d/l worked for me, but it
is my area, let me know if it does not permit you to access the files.

Recap:  I haven't found a mac terminal, but did get a great hex editor for the
mac.  It seems that the latest version of stuffit expander that was packaged
with Netscape Communicator refused to unarchive anything the previous version
would (I guess the guys at Alladin systems want money from now the users and
the deveopers now!  It used to be just the developers who paid for the
compression module.), Once I scratched the new version (lamed) and got
netsacpe using the older one I got the hex editors to work.  One of them is
super AND freeware (if you need it, I'll e-mail you a copy if you ask me.) 
Took a couple minutes to fix the files then verified it with Power64 by doing
the file list on the page, etc.

Now that I know the stuff involved and have my equipment/utilities ready this
will be a smoother (though not fast) process.

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