Re: *sigh* (was: AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!)

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-03-01 01:21:49

Larry Anderson wrote:
> So I'm resorting to null-modeming, but for some reason I can't null-modem
> (maybe it's the mac's RS-422 serial port?) So now i plan to modem, the only
> 64/128 terminal not giving me kiniptions is Snapterm (Desterm 2.00 gives me
> hack, Nova term is no-va (no-go))  So I'm gonna d/l something newer and try...
Well once I got Desterm 3 up and running, I was able to fire it up, set it to
y-modem batch, then take a shower, go out for a bit of fresh air (shopping)
and *snap* all done!  (about 6 minutes per file...)

Bad news is they are all padded with those blasted 26s again, I believe the
culprit is now D64MAKER.SFX, nice program; runs on the 64 and 128 but adds 128
 #26s to the end of d64 files!

Am now looking for a good mac bianary data editor so I don't have to modem
them across again.  (ResEdit won't do, it only maniulates resource forks, not
data forks)  :/

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