Re: *sigh* (was: AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!)

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-02-28 20:43:37

Ruud Baltissen wrote:
> Hallo Larry,
> > I have some goodies to put on there...  About 30 disks of PET (some
> > repeats...)
> >
> > ........
> > So what would be the preferred format I should send it, .d64 is big but it is
> > readable by most platforms...
> I'm interested. I have ISDN big files aren't a problem.
> TXS.
> > ......
> > ZAP   G08 10
> > ZEESLAG       G11 26
> The last one is Dutch and means "Sea battle" so I wonder how you got this one.
That's from the PET-2001.zoo archive on, I incorporated those games
at the end, I wanted to try to make it a definitive library, As I get more
stuff I'll add to it.

Seabattle?  I'll leave it on, as it's proabably in Dutch and there is a lack
of mult-lingual programs (actually just programs) for the PET.
> About the trouble with your X1541, I can only recommend an old fashion LPT-card
> made out of all TTL-ICs. (This isn't good English, I know) I rebuild three to
> bidirectional ports doing some cutting and rewiring (no extra ICs needed) and
> they worked great with the X1541 and XP1541. Before I blew up two SMC
> single-chip IDE-I/O cards.

I tried it from the 'ISA 16 bit everything card' (it runs all the ports and
drive controllers) and then from a multi-io card (I now have 3 serial ports
and two parallel), neither worked...  I've triple checked my wiring, I figure
the problem is there but I just am not seeing it....  :/

So I'm resorting to null-modeming, but for some reason I can't null-modem
(maybe it's the mac's RS-422 serial port?) So now i plan to modem, the only
64/128 terminal not giving me kiniptions is Snapterm (Desterm 2.00 gives me
hack, Nova term is no-va (no-go))  So I'm gonna d/l something newer and try...

When I get another week of nothing to do (unlikely), I'll get into my Mac
programming tools and work up a nice xfer program...

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