Re: PET Disks (was:Re: 8250 demo disk)

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 1999-02-25 03:27:21

> Ethan Dicks wrote:
> > 
> > I have downloaded this thing four times...

Andre Fachat fixed me up.
> Marko, Let me make up a better disk for you, I wrote up the flash cable
> diagram in a pet program that wasn't included, nor were some other great
> games...  Note most of those games are probably for the 3000 series emulation mode.

Once I got a good .d64 file, I found that nearly all this stuff runs just
fine under the 3032-model emulation on VICE (I didn't test *everything*).

If anyone needs a good version of WORLD CLOCK, I have a copy that is the
identical size as the one in this .d64 that I extracted myself from a
tape from 1979.  It diffs with the same problems that Andre described.  It
appears to be an intact version of the original.

> .prg?  The VICE page didn't mention that! (This was originally for a person
> who wanted to write about Flash Attack and wanted to do screenshots from
> VICE).  I saw .c64, mentioned but unsupported in the docs (either in VICE or

.prg?  That's not a required extension for VICE.  It may be handy, but I don't
think it's mandatory.

Thanks for providing the disk image.  I still have that original BYTE with
the review of Flash Attack.  I built their cable and used it in 1982 to move
data back and forth between my PET and C-64 without using tape.  I even
built a connector with LEDs to watch the handshaking.  Sometimes the
software would lock up on long transfers; a race condition, probably.  With
the indicators, I could spot a locked transmission.


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