From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-02-25 03:54:17

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, Andre Fachat wrote:
> > Hm, "World Clock" seems a bit mangled (several bit flips).
> What program did Larry use to transfer the disk image?  Hopefully not
> prlink.  Its disk and file transfer protocols have a primitive 8-bit
> checksum, and it hasn't failed for me.

Worse: X-Modem.  I tried Star Commander but I mustave mis-wired my X1541 ir
it's incompatible with my paralel card (first 'real' application I have tried
on the IBM clone I bought a couple months back).  So I X-Modemed it from the
64 to the Mac, Though it ould be file problems from the original disks...  :/

> BTW, is there interest for a[pb]m CD-ROM?  I'm
> composing one right now.  The image is 577323008 bytes.  It includes HTML
> navigation files also that do not support Rock Ridge or Joliet extensions
> to ISO 9660.

I'd be interested...  (=))  and I'd pay for it.  So are you saing it is plain
9660?  That would be fine, as I think no-frills in the CD format is good, just
in case someone makes a 64 CD reader.

> I think I promised to send a copy of the CD to Mr. Levak and to Levente.
> You two could send me your preferred snailmail address.  Others can send
> addresses as well, but I will charge something for the CD, and I'd prefer
> it if someone else made and sold the copies.

> Hm, I made myself one some time ago, but forgot the CPM stuff...
> I would have asked you about that when it is clear whether we get
> the MMF9000 and probably have some more games/prgs from Larry.

I have some goodies to put on there...  About 30 disks of PET (some repeats...)

Some of the tidbits:
Anyone have a Regent Network?  I belive I have ver3 of the drivers?
Bunches of Educational stuff (hey alot of theis I got while in school!), not
all that bad...
Nice Game library (far from truly complete, but pretty decent for the PET).
HES Assembler
Wordpro 3+ w/ROM image.
Lots of Cursor stuff including complete copies of the first 12 tapes.
Theres a copy of MAE, but it may be a 64 version... 
PETSpeed for an 8000 unit (no ROM or Dongle, which I think is needed).

So what would be the preferred format I should send it, .d64 is big but it is
readable by most platforms...

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