Re: Commodore PET find

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1999-01-30 14:13:13

Ruud Baltissen wrote:
> Hallo Geoff,
> > Well, this one has 64KB. No lie.
> > There's a little board that goes on top (with the CPU on it) has four
> > rows of 8 4116's. In my book, that's 64KB. :) So I guess looking at the
> > motherboard, that means I've got 96kb! :)
> Congratulations first for getting your C=s.

Yeah, congrats from me too :-)

And about the 8096: The 8096 was actually an expansion board
to the 8032, so I guess you got a 8032 that has probably
only later been expanded.

> Thanks for answering two of my four questions. I have a loose 64 KB expansion 
> board but haven't found the time yet to test due to two reasons:
> 1) I wasn't sure where to hook up the 40 pin connector (but my fair guess was 
> the 6502)
> 2) one RAM-IC was missing and the code was complete unfamiliar

I guess that this indeed is a 8096 expansion. 
> The last two questions are:
> 1) do I need extra SW (or ROMs) to make real use of the expansion? I gues the 
> original BASIC does not see the expansion.

You should be able to use the same LOS-96 that you can use
with the 8296.
On the LOS96 disks there is a test program for the additional RAM.

> 2) what is the onboard Motorola-chip MC3242AP? I guess a PLA but does anybody 
> know for sure and does anybody know the pinouts?

Sorry, no idea. Probably it is possible to reverse-engineer 
the type from the schematics.


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