Re: Commodore PET find

From: Sam Laur (
Date: 1999-01-30 10:41:00

> 2) one RAM-IC was missing and the code was complete unfamiliar

Well what was the code? I've seen many different codes for 16 kb DRAMs, it's
probably these that the board has.

> 2) what is the onboard Motorola-chip MC3242AP? I guess a PLA but does anybody 
> know for sure and does anybody know the pinouts?

I tried to search for the chip in many places but no luck. Even Motorola
didn't have it on-line, just in "fax-back" documents... having no fax, I'm
out of luck.

But I did find something interesting when browsing through all sorts of
chip directories. Remember the C-64 PLA? Formerly 82S100, now it's named
PLS100 by Philips. These parts are really expensive, as you may have noticed.
I found a source for the Russian equivalent, which costs 2.90 Swiss francs
in lots of 10 or more. Of course there's the problem of different hole 
pitches, 2.5 mm vs. the Western (inch-based) 2.54 mm. 

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