8250-test/demo diskette

From: Ruud Baltissen (g.j.p.a.a.baltissen_at_kader.hobby.nl)
Date: 1999-01-20 22:04:08

Hallo allemaal,

It seems I stumbled over the in the subject mentioned diskette. But there are 
only a few files on it, it is not like the 1541-diskette. The point is anyway 
how to get it to FUNET. 

Marko, my idea is to copy the file to my 4040 and make a D64-image of it and 
send that to you by email. I also can make a physical copy and send that by 
post. Please let me know what you prefer (or even both). But don't count to 
quick on it, I first have almost to re-arrange my complete workroom to make a 
physical connection possible. Then I have to re-address one of those machines 
some how. I know how to do it with the hardware but I would prefer a SW way. 
Does anybody have experience with these drives?

I never have used the SW method with a 1541 so I have to look this up as well 
in case this way can be used with the IEEE-drives as well.

Andre, I repaired my EPROMMER and I hope I'm able to read out the CHARROM of my 
German 8032-SK as you asked me a looooooooong time ago.

Groetjes, Ruud

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