Re: 8250-test/demo diskette

From: MagerValp (MagerValp_at_Goth.Org)
Date: 1999-01-21 09:36:07

>>>>> "Marko" == =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Marko M=E4kel=E4?= <ISO-8859-1> writes:

Ruud> Marko, my idea is to copy the file to my 4040 and make a D64-image
Ruud> of it and send that to you by email.

Marko> Please send it both as a 8250 disk image (created e.g. with the
Marko> prdisk program of my prlink package) and as individual files or
Marko> as a 4040 disk image. It may be that there currently isn't any
Marko> software that supports 8250 disk images, but having an original
Marko> 8250 disk image helps one to develop such tools. There could
Marko> also be some interesting stuff on the unused blocks of the
Marko> disk, e.g. deleted files.

I know André Fachat wrote a basic program to create a disk dump of any
Commodore disk. It was posted to comp.sys.cbm and comp.binaries.cbm,
but I can't find it (does comp.binaries.cbm posts get archived some-
where?) You could modify the program to dump ten tracks (128k) at a
time to the second disk in your 8250, then transfer the slices via the
4040 and concatenate them.

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