From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-12-22 11:28:31

Larry Anderson wrote:
> Yep, the partitions are logical drives like in a PET Dual drive. (i.e.
> partition 5 can be accessed by a "5:" preceding the filename, or by setting
> the partiton to 5 (CP5) and the either using no drive number or "0:" (this is
> interpreted as 'use current partition' for compatibility.)

I use the same stuff when using my selfbuilt computer as disk drive 
for the C64, to access the internal drive numbers: "0" is devices,
"1" is ROM, "2" is the 3.5" PC disk, "3" the 5.25" PC disk etc. 

Here I found it convenient to have a "a0:4" assign command that reroutes
all access to drive "0" to the drive "4". You don't know how
many utilities use "$0" or so...

Just my EUR 0.02


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