Re: SFX sound expander

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1998-12-22 12:28:58

Nicolas Welte wrote:
> I remember that there was once a register description of this FM chip
> inside the Sound Expander in an old 64'er issue. I tried to find it this
> weekend, but failed. I only found a test report about that thing. Maybe

OK, I tried harder and was successful, at last. But I have no
possibility to scan in these articles (except with my 10 year old b/w
handyscanner). But here are the references, maybe someone else here has
these issues _and_ a scanner.

64'er 6/86 p.27   first test of the Sound Expander
      3/87 p.14   announcement of new, improved sound editor software
     12/87 p.21   small pictures of Sound Expander and Sound Sampler
      3/88 p.78   register description of the FM chip, obtained by
                  the code of the FM editor software.

The registers of the FM chip are accessed in a way very similar to the
C128 VDC chip, by an indirect address and a data register. Internally,
the chip has 256 registers, but not all are used. There are 12 sets of
registers, one for each voice, but 3 of them map to voices 0-2, so there
are only 9 voices on the chip. I guess I can scan at least that register
map and send it to someone, perhaps to comp.binaries.cbm?

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