Re: P00-format + new D-format

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1998-10-10 12:42:51

Hallo allemaal,

Thanks for the info!

Frank, about your remark about the extension Dxx: the DEL-filetype is rarely 
used so I don't think there will be such an amount of DEL-files you need to use 
the extension as well for seperation of individual files.

Your remark also remembered me about a question I wanted to ask. The D64-format 
limits you to 35 tracks with 21 or less sectors. Server64 which I'm working on 
right now supports D64. But I don't see no problem in letting it support a 
diskformat using 255 tracks and 256 sectors ("track" 0 is reserved as 
end-of-file). This leaves us with a 16 MB "floppy" :-) I also thought about the 
problem of handling such a big floppy concerning the directory structure. 256 
sectors give us 2048 directory entries. If this is not enough, I don't see any 
problem in using other sectors reserved for normal programs as well. I only 
have to reprogram my "validate"-part of the program to check track 18 as well. 
It also should be able to use subdirectories, I only have to threat a file as a 
directory and create an extra filetype for it: DIR. Theoretically any standard 
C64, C128, C16 etc. should be able to work with this filetype. 
I only will have problems with programs executed on the computer who want to 
reprogram the drive to enable a fastloader or for other purposes. To support 
this I have to build a complete emulator and I leave that to Frank :-)
Any comments and ideas are welcome.

Groetjes, Ruud

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