Re: P00-format + new D-format

From: Stephen Judd (
Date: 1998-10-11 00:44:38

Hola Ruud,

> right now supports D64. But I don't see no problem in letting it support a 
> diskformat using 255 tracks and 256 sectors ("track" 0 is reserved as 
> end-of-file). This leaves us with a 16 MB "floppy" :-) I also thought about the 

Yup.  That's why CMD hard drive partitions are limited to 16 Megs.

> It also should be able to use subdirectories, I only have to threat a file as a 
> directory and create an extra filetype for it: DIR. Theoretically any standard 
> C64, C128, C16 etc. should be able to work with this filetype. 

Yep, both the 1581 and CMD drives have a DIR filetype, although it
works differently on each.  I don't have my manual here, but I think
the CMD drives (in native-mode) use track 1 for the root directory
and partition info, and subdirectories are allocated their own
sectors as needed -- I mean each subdirectory gets a "track 18" all 
to itself.  The subdirectory itself is filetype DIR.

Todd Elliot recently wrote a !ZIP for CMD drives, and has been working
with Sta to implement it in Star Commander.  You might try contacting
them, as perhaps they've already solved many of the problems you might 
be facing.  (I don't know Joe's email offhand... or some


P.S. In the previous message, I forgot to mention that subdirectory commands
     and such can still be sent to JiffyDOSed devices from a non-JD computer,
     by using the command channel (open 15,8,15,... or @... from a wedge).
     That's the trick to subdirectories of course -- the DOS implements
     them, not the computer.
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