Re: P00-format + new D-format

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-10-10 13:11:53

Ruud Baltissen wrote:
> Your remark also remembered me about a question I wanted to ask. The D64-format 
> limits you to 35 tracks with 21 or less sectors. Server64 which I'm working on 
> right now supports D64. But I don't see no problem in letting it support a 
> diskformat using 255 tracks and 256 sectors ("track" 0 is reserved as 
> end-of-file). This leaves us with a 16 MB "floppy" :-) I also thought about the 
> problem of handling such a big floppy concerning the directory structure. 256 
> sectors give us 2048 directory entries. If this is not enough, I don't see any 
> problem in using other sectors reserved for normal programs as well. I only 
> have to reprogram my "validate"-part of the program to check track 18 as well. 
> It also should be able to use subdirectories, I only have to threat a file as a 
> directory and create an extra filetype for it: DIR. Theoretically any standard 
> C64, C128, C16 etc. should be able to work with this filetype. 

Hm, VICE can "extend" .D64 images up to 40 tracks as far as I know. Also
we will be able to handle 1571 .d71 and 1581 .d81 files.
All of them are (AFAIK!) simply linear disk dumps.

I myself can produce disk dumps from 8050 disks (~500k) and
8250 disks (~1M) per disk with my setup. They have up to 29 sectors and
up to 77*2 tracks. 
They also handle up to 224 directory entries.

What actually are you planning to do? I mean, either provide standard
CBM formats, or simply use the filesystem directly.
I think 1M per disk image seems fine already, and for larger files,
simply use the host systems directory structure.

BTW, VICE handles directories in the host directory tree as "DIR" files 
(in the directory) and you can 'open 1,8,15,"cd:foo/bar"' into them :-)


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