Re: 8296 Execudesk disk

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-09-28 10:24:12

Robin Harbron wrote:
> One book has C= printed all over the cover.  The first
> page inside says "EXECU-DESK 8296 DEALER INSTALLATION"
> and has two pages of how to install the EXECU-DESK ROM
> inside the machine.  The rest of the book is the Execu-
> Desk Business Menu System User's Guide - August 10, 1984.

So you need special ROMs for Execudesk. I guess no one
has them....?

> Two copies of the Commodore Business Computer User's
> Guide Series 8000 (I think I have a few of these already)
> but one had a couple interesting sheets tucked in it:
> one titled "Installation Instructions for 64K memory add-on
> board" and the other an errata sheet for the C= Basic
> Version 4.0 User's Ref. manual #321604 July 1980.

There is not, by any chance, a schematic for the 64k add-on

> The CBM Expansion Memory Board User's Guide - about
> adding 64k of RAM to your 8032, essentially.  Inside
> were a couple loose sheets: CBM Expansion Memory Board
> user's Guide Software Addendum Part No. 324065-01 July
> 1981.  It's got hex dumps of a few small patches, and
> instructions for the Expansion Memory Monitor Program.
> Also, a 2 page assembly listing of Toggle PRG. - "This
> program 'toggles' most of the gates within the 64k.
> add-on.  There's some cool stuff within the User's
> Guide itself - Programming the Expansion Memory
> Board, etc. interrupt handling...

Could you scan that document?

> 26 stapled sheets titled "CBM 8296 - Supplement to
> the 8032 Manual" - seems like interesting program
> info about Memory mapping, the Control Register,
> Mods of the memory system, Video-RAM, hardware/memory
> expansion via J4, J9, programming the memory expansion
> bank, IO handling... etc etc

This seems to be on the net already:

> And finally, about a 40 page booklet which is an
> assembly listing of "ADD-ON-MON", a 64k-add-on
> monitor - basically seems to be a monitor to
> allow you to use the extra 64k.

Oops. I remember having seen that already. Ruud, you sent
me a copy of it, right? But I don't think it was 40 pages.

> If anyone wants more details, let me know...

Basically I want everything you have on the net :-))
Any kind of PET software and docs will do.
I do own a 8296D so I am also interested in that Add-on stuff!


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