Re: PAL and NTSC colors in video-frequency monitors

From: Sam Laur (
Date: 1998-09-21 16:35:28

> I also own a 1802 monitor (which has green monochrome, composite and separate
> signals to choose from). It is virtually dead, as it bounces the screen and
> all of a sudden compresses the picture to about twenty scan lines. If I hit
> it hard on the top of the tube with my fist, it will work for another few
> minutes. I haven't had this beast for repairing, since nobody would bother
> or it would not be worth the money to hand it to a professional. Anybody has
> suggestions what might be worth looking at?

Sounds exactly like a bad solder joint somewhere on the monitor's PCB, bad
components rarely fix themselves when you smack them on the side. Anything
that gets hot is suspect, re-soldering just the flyback would probably be 
enough, but be on the safe side and do as much as you have time for.
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