Re: IEEE488 for the PC printer port

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-09-20 20:05:35

Larry Anderson wrote:
> Ohhh that's really good, even if you don't have an 8050 - with an 8050 disk
> image file it should be reasonable to extract the files...  Suggestion,

I hope that VICE (and the disk image tool c1541) will one day be able 
to read them as well.

> instead of using d64 as the extension, could you use like d40, d80, and d82
> (first two letters of the drive models) so it would be wasier to determine the
> source drive type?  (Ok, leave d40 as d64, but the rest aren't really d64s are they?)

Hm, and VC1571, and 1581 disks become d15, right ;-)

I think .d64, .d71, .d81, .d80, .d82 should be ok?
Anyway, how many of such disk images are out there :-)


> P.S. Andre, I'm gonna bring up your visit to CA again next weekend while
> mingling with the computer geeks in the silicon valley/bay area - will try to
> at least get together a guide book of places to check out for you...

Ahm, when did I mention I would go to CA? But anyway, I have friends
in LA, so I'll probably go there after my PhD. And such a list is
surely a nice thing, thanks :-)


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