Re: IEEE488 for the PC printer port

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1998-09-20 17:54:46

Andre Fachat wrote:
> Hi!
> I finally managed to make the IEEE488 interface for the PC work!
> See
> Andre
> P.S.: It comes with two programs for the C64/PET to dump and
> restore .d64 files from/to a real disk - well in fact any
> CBM drive, as it uses drive error codes to determine when
> it has to start the next track or to finish :-)
Ohhh that's really good, even if you don't have an 8050 - with an 8050 disk
image file it should be reasonable to extract the files...  Suggestion,
instead of using d64 as the extension, could you use like d40, d80, and d82
(first two letters of the drive models) so it would be wasier to determine the
source drive type?  (Ok, leave d40 as d64, but the rest aren't really d64s are they?)


P.S. Andre, I'm gonna bring up your visit to CA again next weekend while
mingling with the computer geeks in the silicon valley/bay area - will try to
at least get together a guide book of places to check out for you...

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