From: Larry Anderson (foxnhare_at_goldrush.com)
Date: 1998-09-20 22:56:48

Andre Fachat wrote:
> > P.S. Andre, I'm gonna bring up your visit to CA again next weekend while
> > mingling with the computer geeks in the silicon valley/bay area - will try to
> > at least get together a guide book of places to check out for you...
> Ahm, when did I mention I would go to CA? But anyway, I have friends
> in LA, so I'll probably go there after my PhD. And such a list is
> surely a nice thing, thanks :-)

oops!  It's Marko that's going to Ca....  Now I remember.... (go ahead, I
deserve some comment about 'those crazy yanks')  Either way I'll try to get
something aranged...  :)

About a guide book, thev'e been batting around the idea of a nerd guidebook
(to silicon valley) since I mentioned Marko was coming over, but I figure I
wouldn't really bug them till after the Vintage Computer Festival..  
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