Several things

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-09-05 19:57:27

Hello all!

I'm in Spain right now and won't return until the 13th of September,
but here's a quick answer.  Yes, Linux reads and writes 1581 disks
without installing any software.  You just have to set the floppy
parameters with setfdprm.  I can post my /etc/fdprm (sp?) file to this
list later.  Also CMD FD-2000 disks are no problem.  The file system
is a bit more problematic.  cbmfs by Dan Fandrich doesn't support
writing, and cbmconvert by me doesn't support subdirectories.

Andre asked about a character set converter.  GNU recode is probably
the best tool.  It even has some support for multibyte character
conversion (for representing accented characters in ASCII, e.g.
"a or 'a or so).

There was also some discussion about running the C64 with 5V/12V.  See; there are some
documents about the conversion there.

And about the national 128D's: I'd like to have the ROM dumps (as well as
of other C= computers whose firmware is not yet available from
/pub/cbm/firmware)!  I wasn't aware of the French version. 


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