Re: 9V AC needed for C64? (C128 and serial bus q)

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1998-09-04 21:29:54

Hallo Richard,
> Ruud: Your CP/M cartridge arrived today. Great job! Must return the favour
> somehow. Any old 8bit hardware you're looking for? (note: might be rare in
> the Netherlands, but common in England?)

Still sorry for the real big delay but illness, tooooo much of work and 
hollidays delayed the shipping. 
My second computer was a ZX81. Through this one I got news of the existence of 
the ZX80. If you can find that one for me, please. But only if it is not to 
much trouble.
The CP/M disks on FUNET work fine with this module. But if you have to reset 
for one or another reason, turn the C64 OFF!!! If you use a reset-button, it 
seems that something stays resident and the system won't start again.

> Quick question: what's the maximum number of Commodore computers that can
> be on the IEC bus? I'm using the serial bus as a way of networking C64s
> but since each one has a pullup resistor on the serial bus bits, the line
> drivers (7406 open collector hex invertors) will only be able to support a
> few, much less than disk drives. Can I get away with 6 or 8 machines?

Carefully cut the wire on the top of the resistor. If you need that specific 
C64 as solo-machine again, a drop of solder will connect the ends again.

Groetjes, Ruud

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