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From: MagerValp (MagerValp_at_Goth.Org)
Date: 1998-09-07 11:03:14

>>>>> "Ruud" == Ruud Baltissen <> writes:

MV> Measuring at the hole where I connected I get a healthy +5V, but
MV> if I measure at pin 2 on the user port I get less than +1V. Any
MV> ideas of what might be wrong? Should L5 be connected again? What
MV> does it do?

Ruud> L5 is a coil.

Ah, OK.

Ruud> A coil has two ends. Connecting the 5V to the hole of one end
Ruud> didn't work out. So let's try the other one!

I did, and to my surprise it didn't help. I'll re-check it today.

Ruud> Have a look at the SCH in the Ref.Guide and you know why :-)

I have the C128 PRG but that didn't help much in this case :) I'll
print out the C64 schematics at work today.
  Anyway, I managed to get the C64 and the Oceanics drive up and
running in a PC Tower case, with +5V connected to the user port on the
motherboard. The drive was the tricky part since it was too deep to
fit in the drive bay, so I had to move the controller board below the
drive instead of behind where it usualy sits. The reset switch on the
case is connected to the user port, and the turbo switch should work
well as a ROM switch :) The case also sports one of those cheesy MHz-
displays, but I have no idea of how it works. It consists of three
8-segment LEDs, a MC1413 darlington driver, 15 jumper clusters
arranged like this:

   * * * *
  ******** etc
   * * * *

and no less than four power connectors. Any information on how to get
this thing to display something is welcome.

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