Re: IDE interface

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 1998-06-24 18:48:00

(discussion of IDE-64 interface)

> I don't think :-(. BTW, the unit is quite 'hot'. It is currently being
> developed. Maybe, they have just succeed with interfacing an IDE CD-ROM
> to the 64?...

I haven't heard if there is a CD-ROM driver yet or not.
> > Not a joke.  The 1.3" drive is approx 6mm x 40mm x 65mm...
> ..Whew, my A1200 friends don't know, what do they lose (since they even
> refused to buy regular 2.5" drives into their computers) ;-(. 1.3" sounds
> really 'something'.

I'm not sure what you mean by "lose" here.  The drive I have is only 20Mb;
the largest 1.3" drives made were only 40Mb.  There are some 1.8" drives
in the 300Mb+ category, but they are much more expensive than 2.5" drives.

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