Re: SFD-1001 (8[02]50) diagnostic codes ?

From: Olaf Seibert (
Date: 1998-05-07 21:58:12

Earlier I wrote:
> > Speaking of board versions: I seem to have two slightly different
> > 8032 boards. They differ a bit in which jumpers are present and there's
> [...]
> > I made a proper list of the differences as I could see them, and the
> > assembly numbers. I could bring it in and post it.

Checking with the current set of schematics reveals that both variants
seem to be present now.

I noticed though that even though all these schematics are labeled
"universal dynamic pet", on the 8032080 board (univ/*, #3b) this is not
reflected by the lettering. It says "© 1980 commodore intl made in japan
80 column cpu assy no 8032080".

The other one, 8032090, does say "universal dynamic pet".

There seems to be some anomaly on the 8032090-7.gif picture: in reality
jumpers 1,2,3,4 are not present, and they are not shown in the main
picture. However Detail A does show them.

Also, while the pictures specify a 74415 in UE12, my 8032090 has a
"Mitsubishi M 53354 P 0870". So apparently they used different supplies
when convenient.

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