Re: FC3 + 1581 != true

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1998-05-07 20:34:23

Kaspar Jensen wrote:
> >  Could anyone here confirm or deny that a Final Cartridge 3 works with
> >  a 1581 without JiffyDOS?
> >
> My 1581 doesn't have JiffyDOS, so I tried it with both a FC and a FCIII.
> None of the setup worked, it just hung. :-(
> But it seems to work with Action Replay (V5 at least).
> -Kaspar.

Super Snapshot compatibility with the 1581 I don't think occurred till version
3 or 4 (certainly not, 2, since I had to upgrade just for that feature at some
point).  Also SS v5 is not friendly to JiffyDOS devices (I.E. CMD's Hard
Drive) so I usually disable fast load/save and only keep the wedge on.  :/ 
Maybe one of these day's I'll get a jiffyDOS ROM for the 128.

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