Re: SFD-1001 (8[02]50) diagnostic codes ?

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-05-07 21:58:44

On Thu, 7 May 1998, Martijn van Buul wrote:

> Hmm.... As an off-topic thingy : why rm -fr, why everybody refers to that
> command as 'rm -rf' ? (gee! There used to be a machine called

(And there still is a machine  Hmm, isn't it -fr for "fast
remove"? :-)

This reminds me of one question in the comp.lang.c Infrequently Asked
Questions (

    11.2: How can I print a ``%'' character in a printf format string? I
    tried ``\%'' but it didn't work.

          Break the '%' sign out. i.e., fprintf("foo " "%" "%d\n", foo);

          Alternatively, try

          sprintf("o" "/" "o") to get a "%".

          The astute reader will notice that the latter example uses
          sprintf, and the former fprintf - this is because sprintf()
          works by characters, or strings, while fprintf (``fast
          printf'') works on files.

> Euhm... I can hardly believe that the 8032 schematics are compareable to
> the 30**. Granted, the 2000 series have 'similiarities' to the 3000 series,
> but still.. 

It was probably the 2001N schematics that were identical.  I viewed all
3016 schematics next to the new schematics, and all pages were identical,
at least with a quick look.

> Am I supposed to be glad to know that the zero page of my 1001 is broken
> (6530? 6504?), knowing that the actual drive mechanism is defective too?

Hmm, luckily the RAM is not on-chip on the processor, or is it?

> (one of the heads is kaputt. Does anyone having experiencing in adapting
> PC-HD mechanisms (without Shugart-interface!) to such a device? AFAIK,
> the 1001 (and 8[02]50) use 80 tracks, DD mechanics. I'm wondering if
> a 80 tracks _hd_ mechanic would work.)(I guess not)

I'd also like to fix my 1571's upper head.


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