Re: Vorpal Utility Kit disk format

From: John (
Date: 1998-04-15 19:00:10

Mark writes:

>However, writing the d64 file back to a floppy disk does not produce a
>working Vorpal disk.

Vorpal uses its own disk format, so don't expect it to work at all.
The block headers are the same, and the blocks are the same length, but
the actual data is stored differently - they use their own code instead
of the normal GCR.

What you need is software that gives you raw data off the disk, before
the GCR conversion.  It shouldn't be too hard to write something, since
you can use the standard routines for finding the blocks.  It has been
a very long time since I've done any 1541 programming, so I can't give
you many details.

Although it does prevent people copying the files, it isn't really copy
protection, since the goal was speed, not security.  The Vorpal format
is much easier to decode.

John West

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