Re: Vorpal Utility Kit disk format

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 1998-04-15 15:11:39

John West wrote:

>Vorpal uses its own disk format, so don't expect it to work at all.
>The block headers are the same, and the blocks are the same length, but
>the actual data is stored differently - they use their own code instead
>of the normal GCR.
>What you need is software that gives you raw data off the disk, before
>the GCR conversion.  It shouldn't be too hard to write something, since
>you can use the standard routines for finding the blocks.  It has been
>a very long time since I've done any 1541 programming, so I can't give
>you many details.

Burstnibbler does raw copying of any diskette (even original geos disks).
BTW, needs a parallel cable between c64 and 1541.


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