Vorpal Utility Kit disk format

From: Mark (mark_k_at_iname.com)
Date: 1998-04-14 18:17:07


Some time ago I created a d64 format image file from my original C64 Vorpal
Utility Kit disk. (Vorpal is a fast-load utility by Epyx.) No errors were
reported when creating the d64 file. The file is available from my web page
(http://visitweb.com/mark - follow the CBM link).

However, writing the d64 file back to a floppy disk does not produce a working
Vorpal disk.

Could this be because the Vorpal master disk uses a non-standard sector
interleave, which is not preserved in the d64 file? Or does Vorpal use some
kind of copy-protection?

If anyone has experience of this, please contact me.

-- Mark

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