New structure of /pub/cbm/schematics

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-04-15 01:37:29

Hi all!

I just restructured the schematic diagrams on  Now you can
access the schematic diagrams with the same path as the firmware, and
there are links from the firwmare section to the schematic diagrams.  To
make the /pub/cbm main directory clearer, I might even create a new
subdirectory /pub/cbm/comp where the machine subdirectories (b, c128, c64,
c65, plus4, vic20) would be moved.  If you have any suggestions regarding
the directory structure, get /pub/cbm/ALLDIRS (or ALLDIRS.html), check it
out, and let me know about your ideas.

The collection of schematic diagrams is getting better, as I'm receiving
some scanned service manuals from William Levak, who has also helped me to
complete and document the PET firmware section.  Now I'd like to
concentrate on the test/demo disks.  So far /pub/cbm/demodisks has only
post-VIC20 era diskettes.  Olaf Seibert has uploaded some PET disks to
/pub/cbm/pet, but only as individual files.  I think that they should be
archived as disk images, to reproduce everything as accurately as
possible, with all filler data, sector interleavings and so on.  Maybe
someone could even send a disk image of a factory-new CBM 9060 or 9090
hard disk? :-)

If you have any original test/demo disks that are not archived under, please contact me.  The disk
images can be best made with prlink
(, which supports any disk
sizes up to 999 sectors per track and 999 tracks.


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