Re: CBM products list

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-04-15 08:37:30

Larry Anderson wrote:
> As one of the few owners of a P-500 I can assure you that the video chip IS a
> VIC-II (6567)  Powers up with black letters on a white background and a cyan
> or blue border if I remember correctly.
> The connector is a 64/VIC DIN style (I assume 5 pin as it was manufactured
> along with the early 64s.  The photos on my p-500 web page are pretty blurry
> though.  I will have to bring it in and do better pics of it).

Unfortunately it still doesn't work as you stated on your homepage?
The ROMs are not by any chance in sockets? (evil grin...;-)

I have got some docs - well, a preliminary data sheet - for the 6509,
which I am going to put on the web some day.


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