Re: PET info
Date: 1998-04-08 22:07:45

Hallo martijn,

Aan 7-04-98 18:31, in bericht 
<>, Andre Fachat 
<> schreef:

> Hi Martijn,
> thank you for your comment in comp.sys.cbm. Now you are lost ;-))......

I just wanted to let you know that there at least two Dutch guys in the 
CBM-Hackers group. I am Ruud Baltissen and live in Heerlen. Olaf Seibert lives 
in Nijmegen. 

> For what it's worth : I've got a 4032, 40 columns, 9" screen.

Could you do me a favour by roughly describing the motherboard and giving me 
the boardcodes for the main ICs(vb: UB14 = 6502). Then I can check this out 
with some schematics I have. Alvast bedankt.

Hallo Andre,

> PET index

Sehr gut!

Groetjes, Ruud

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