Re: To whom it may concern...

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-04-06 23:28:47

Ruud wrote:

> The above list contains four the same ROMS as my German 8032SK and
> confirms my thought: because you don't change the langauge, you don't
> have to change the interpreter. 

True.  There are only a few versions of the BASIC interpreter.  It seems
that there are several different versions of the screen editor, and the
part numbers of most copies I have are unknown until someone checks the
part number in his/her PET and uploads the ROM image.

> German keyboard (replaced by Beta).

It is the sz ligature (formed from the Fraktur s variant that looks like
"f" and z that looks a bit like "3"), not the Greek character Beta.  The
IBM Code Page 437 misuses the Greek character as the sz ligature, but the
two characters are distinct and look a bit different, at least in
professionally typeset text.


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